FREE sanitary products are coming to Stirling schools from October, the local authority confirmed.

Girls in local schools will have access to tampons, sanitary towels and more when they need them with funding from Stirling Council and the Scottish Government.

The scheme follows successful pilots at Stirling High and Bannockburn High and Primary schools where the council says it was well received by pupils.

The initiative to bring it to all schools was given the nod after the Scottish Government awarded the council £37,715 up to March 2019 as part of a national strategy.

Councillor Susan McGill, convener of the Children and Young People Committee, said: “This important initiative will enable every girl in a Stirling school to access sanitary products when they need them, avoiding stigma, embarrassment or anxiety, and allowing them to maintain their dignity.

“There was very positive feedback from all the schools involved in the pilot and I would like to thank all the staff and pupils at the schools which participated, along with other council services and private partners, for their hard work in taking this innovative scheme forward quickly and effectively.

“Through the experiences and lessons of this successful pilot programme, we can ensure that the correct procedures are in place for this to be rolled out to all schools across Stirling and Scotland, ensuring that this becomes a thing of the past.”

Cllr Margaret Brisley, vice convener of the same committee, added: “I’m delighted that this scheme is being expanded in Stirling following on from the successful pilot.

“Girls should be able to easily access these essential products in the schools, improving their health and wellbeing and allowing them to focus on learning.”