BOSSES at Blair Drummond Safari Park have appointed an Alloa-based recycling firm to try and further reduce its waste to landfill.

The popular attraction site has recruited Brightwaste to collect and dispose of the waste collected at the park.

It is hoped that new measures introduced by the company to minimise contamination will further increase the amount of material successfully recycled.

Julie Watchman, contract manager at Brightwaste, said: “Blair Drummond Safari Park already has an excellent recycling infrastructure in place and systems in place to segregate operational waste.

"There are recycling bins throughout the Safari Park and a strong conservation message which encourages visitors to recycle their litter.

“The Safari Park currently recycles over 15 tonnes of waste per year and we’re hoping to further improve this by introducing a feedback system to reduce waste contamination.”

Contamination happens when waste is not segregated properly.

If items are put into the wrong bins then it can potentially result in the entire load being sent to landfill.

This is a common occurrence in most recycling systems and one example which frequently occurs is when plastic tubs or bottles are put into recycling bins while still containing food.

Brightwaste will provide feedback on the unwanted items in every load collected from the Safari Park which will help staff to ensure that the volume successfully recycled is optimised.