A THOUGHT-PROVOKING account on the work of a non-profit group was given at a recent meeting on Bridge of Allan and Dunblane Rotary Club.

David Scott, from the Fresh Start Foundation, spoke about the not-for-profit organisation, which was recently created to empower child sex abuse victims and survivors.

They aim to help people get justice, closure and to facilitate their recovery.

Fundamentally, the foundation is concerned about the effectiveness of some public agencies’ actions where sexual abuse is alleged.

David expressed further concerns about the plethora of cases of sexual abuse now being revealed, including in areas such as sport, local authority care provision and the churches, with evidence also of organised crime gangs involved in trafficking of young people.

The Fresh Start Foundation is now undertaking a two-year long programme of roadshows, visiting every Scottish local authority, and with two visits to each of the four major cities.

The Rotary Club’s Jonathan Marshall, speaker’s host, thanked David for the talk.

Anyone interested in attending the club should contact secretary Ian Fraser via secretary@dunblanerotary.org.uk or call 01786 822 751.