THE National Wallace Monument will let people explore the building while being entertained by actors playing William Wallace, at an event commemorating the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

The exclusive event will be held on September 11, with just 35 tickets available for both the 5.30pm and 7pm slots.

The Monument’s marketing co-ordinator Abby Richards, said: “Our visitors will see a completely different side to the Monument and gain new insights into the life of William Wallace.

"11th September will always be an important date in the history of Stirling. 721 years ago, the fields on either side of the River Forth became a battlefield, where a skillful Scottish army overcame its enemy.

“The date also marks the anniversary of the opening of The National Wallace Monument, built to honour the Scottish leader who came to be recognised as the hero of the battle - William Wallace.”

As guests travel up the monument’s 246 stairs, they will learn more about William Wallace, and the role he played in the Battle.

Actors playing the building's architect, J.T. Rochead, will also be there to educate and entertain people.

Book your place here.