A FESTIVAL coming to Stirling this October is hoping to showcase digital innovations in the heritage sector.

A first in Scotland, DigiFest will take place at the Engine Shed with a range of free events and activities.

Organised by Historic Environment Scotland, the events will allow visitors to explore the latest technologies in areas including 3D modelling and printing, augmented as well as virtual reality, gaming, animation, robotics and coding.

The festival will also incorporate DigiDoc, a two-day international conference with a range of speakers including academics and high-profile industry experts from organisations like Google, gaming giant Ubisoft and the Smithsonian Institution.

This will include the historical researcher behind the video game series Assassin’s Creed with demos and a chance to hear about the technologies used.

A masterclass on the history of animation, from stop motion to the latest CGI, will also be taking place with visual effects company Tippett Studio, whose credentials include sequences in the Star Wars, Harry Potter and Twilight franchises.

DigiFest will run between October 8 and 20 with schools, professionals, families and young people expected to go along.

Dorothy Hoskins, technical outreach and education manager at the Engine Shed, said: “While advances in technology are allowing us to conserve, monitor and care for our historic sites and buildings with ever-increasing efficiency and effectiveness, these same innovations are also making Scotland’s heritage more accessible than ever.

“New online platforms and developments in digital technologies are enabling people to inspect historic sites and artefacts from anywhere in the world, while a combination of digital documentation and animation allows for accurate recreation of historic environments which can be explored through gaming.

“Virtual reality can further bring such environments to life, creating immersive and illuminating experiences that transport the user into the past.

“We are very excited to be launching our first ever DigiFest, which aims to encourage the people of Scotland and beyond to embrace this opportunity to explore the historic environment in new and innovative ways and look forward to welcoming some of the top pioneers in the fields of technology and heritage to share their knowledge and insight.”