OLDER people tried walking hockey for the first time last week at Bannockburn Community Centre. 

Coaches from Stirling Wanderer Hockey Club led an introduction on how to play the sport.

Walking hockey is ideal for those who are looking for a low intensive game but still enjoy using their skills and playing with a team.

The free session was part of First Time for Everything, a programme designed by Royal Voluntary Service and Prudential to give older people in Stirling and across the UK an opportunity to try something new for free in their local community. 

Ekaterine Tsurtsumia, Royal Voluntary Service activity co-ordinator for Stirling, said: “It’s been wonderful to see so many local people enjoying our First Time for Everything activities. 

"Thanks to funding from Prudential, we have lots more exciting events coming up and hope that even more older people, their carers and families will come along. 

"It’s never too late to try something for the first time.”

Jillian Lobban, director of Regulatory and Legacy Projects at Prudential, said: “The First Time for Everything programme has had a significant impact in the communities where it’s already run. 

"We want to help create experiences that enhance the lives of older people and at the same time help address the epidemic of loneliness in the UK, particularly amongst the elderly. 

"We’re therefore delighted to be supporting Royal Voluntary Service. 

"We hope that even more older people will enjoy trying First Time for Everything activities in 2018.” 

The next Prudential First Time for Everything event Zumba Gold in Stirling will be in Belfour Community Centre in Plean on September, 20 at 11am.

For more information about Prudential First Time for Everything activities and other services for older people in Stirling, and to find out more about local volunteering opportunities, contact Royal Voluntary Service on 07824547865, email Ekaterine.tsurtsumia@royalvoluntaryservice.org.uk or visit the website here.