SCOTTISH Water have undertaken several detailed surveys of the Claredon Place in Dunblane and modelled the reported conditions, thus providing them with a greater understanding of the issues being experienced. They have now potentially identified a number of additional properties on Claredon Place that they believe may be at risk of internal flooding.

Scottish Water believe that the proposed solution will need to be comprehensive and they will need to claim additional funding per property effected. Scottish Water are now waiting for responses from the owners of the newly identified properties before they can add them to the At Risk of Internal Sewer Flooding Register.

Properties have suffered severe internal flooding for many years.

Due to the scale of works, Scottish Water are proposing that they now deliver the solution in multiple phases to resolve the flooding at Claredon Place. Scottish Water are currently progressing options for remediation. They have estimated that the preferred solution for Claredon place will be selected by September and that the necessary funding will be secured by December.

Stirling Council have already committed to working with Scottish Water and installing additional gully’s, as required, to alleviate flooding and make premises more secure.

Local Councillor Alastair Majury said:

“I am very pleased that Scottish Water are finally appearing to seriously address this issue. Homeowners have suffered serious flooding issues for years and they deserve to know that it will be sorted out. I expect Scottish Water to keep to their schedule and provide a solution that works. ”