DOG owners can now throw a birthday party for their canine friends at a Stirling pub.

BrewDog today launched its service ‘Dog Pawties’, allowing patrons of the bar to organise the ultimate celebration for their pets.

The craft brewers on Baker Street will provide dog-sized party hats, a locally sourced dog-friendly cake and a specially brewed dog beer made fresh on-site with boiled carrots and bananas.

It costs £5 for each canine in attendance.

James Watt, co-founder at BrewDog, said: “Dogs are as important to us as any of our two-legged craft beer drinking fans.

“On any given day at our bars, you’re certain to see dogs of all shapes and sizes accompanying their humans.

“The Dog Pawties service is an extension of our desire to make our bars the most welcoming places for owners as well as their dogs.”