WALLACE Street residents and their families can get a free pass into The Edinburgh Dungeons. 

The popular tourist attraction is offering up the opportunity to celebrate the launch of its summer show, Braveheart's Revenge.

Lucky households of the namesake street from across Scotland can bring their letter to the dungeon to redeem their free entry (terms and conditions apply) and witness the exciting show this summer.

Once inside, residents will get the chance to come face to face with Scotland’s most fearsome warrior, Sir William Wallace.

They will then be transported back in time to Dumbarton Castle in 1305 where within its walls, Wallace meets his gruesome fate having been betrayed by his own people.

Hung, drawn and quartered it is a sorry tale of treachery and bloodshed and his ghost is back for revenge.

Edward Evans, general manager at The Edinburgh Dungeon, said: “Our campaign for a National Wallace Day is well underway and it’s only fitting that the residents of Wallace Streets up and down the country are getting behind our #VoteWallace movement to celebrate the launch of our show Braveheart’s Revenge.

"If you’re a Wallace Street ‘Braveheart’ then come along to The Edinburgh Dungeon to show us just how brave you really are.”

A recent survey carried out by The Edinburgh Dungeon showed that 72 per cent of Scots would support a day to celebrate Scotland’s Braveheart.

This subsequently played an instrumental role in the selection of this year’s summer show.

Braveheart’s Revenge is now on at The Edinburgh Dungeon until Friday, August 31.

To book tickets visit the website here.