MULTIPLE 4G mobile sites have been built in Stirling by EE, providing new coverage to communities like Balquidder, Kilmahog, Lochearnhead and the Carron Valley.

The development will also improve coverage along many A and B roads, such as the A84, A85, A827 and B818.

Over the past year alone, EE, part of the BT Group, says it has updated more than 15 sites in Stirling.

The 4G coverage expansion is part of its ongoing investment to connect Scotland and provide coverage for the new Emergency Services Network, which will connect 300,000 UK emergency services personnel.

It says it is working closely with Stirling Council to improve mobile phone coverage in ever more rural areas, so more residents, businesses and tourists in Stirling will be able to access 4G.

Stirling MP, Stephen Kerr, said: “A lot of the rural areas across Stirling are particularly difficult to get good coverage for due to topography so I welcome the investment by EE and the UK Government in our digital infrastructure.

"Improving mobile signal is a key way of helping rural areas compete so while there is more to do these new masts are a big step forward as they provide additional coverage, including 4G, for many new residents and businesses as well as helping with local tourism.”

According to Simon Frumkin, MD of Emergency Services Network at EE, too much of Scotland has been left behind when it comes to mobile technologies.

He said: "We’re investing across the country to put that right.

"We’ve already built 90 sites that are providing coverage for the first time, and there are more than 200 to go – this is going to revolutionise access to the digital economy across Scotland, and it will provide 4G coverage for the Emergency Services Network.”

Across the UK, EE is building and upgrading hundreds of sites every month to 4G as part of its network expansion.

Some of these add new coverage while others increase signal strength, capacity and reliability in areas with existing coverage.