THE Scottish SPCA in nearby Fishcross are currently looking after for three young squirrels who were blown away from their homely nest in Perthshire last week.

By Amy Allison

The squirrels who are named after beloved Lord of The Rings characters Frodo, Smeagle and Pippin, were spotted by Scotland’s Animal Welfare Charity, and are now being accessed at the charity National Wildlife Rescue Centre in the Wee County.

Colin Seddon, centre manager, said: “Frodo, Smeagle and Pippin are now being hand reared by Sheelagh McAllister, our head of small mammals.

“Sheelagh has had a vast amount of experience rearing red squirrels and is extremely knowledgeable in the care they require.

“Frodo, Smeagle and Pippin will remain in our care until they are completely independent. It’s good that they have come in together as this will help their development before their return to the wild, at a supported release site.

“Nesting season for both squirrels and birds is well underway so we urge people to take care when cutting down trees/trimming hedges. It’s best to check for nests first to avoid any accidents.”

Frodo, Smeagle and Pippin will be rehabilitated by the SPCA after their they were found in Killiecrankie on Friday, March 30, before being safely released into their normal habitat.