DEEP snow, red weather warnings and road closures could not stop a Wee County couple from getting married at the weekend.

Angela Beardsley, a familiar face at Resonate in Alloa, and now husband Cameron Watt had been gearing up to tie the knot at a venue around Loch Lomond, but were denied by the Beast from the East which covered the country with a thick blanket of snow.

They had feared they could not organise a ceremony before they jetted off to their honeymoon in Budapest, but thanks to the sheer determination of a number of people, their union was made official after all – in the car park of Stirling Castle.

Angela's best friend Fiona Jones travelled north from Watford earlier in the week to help out.

Everything was ready for the wedding at Rowandennan Lodge when the snow hit and left much of the country cut off.

Fiona told the Advertiser: “They really were thinking it's not going to happen. And the groom had gone to such lengths to make it the perfect wedding for his bride.”

Following painful uncertainty, the registrar was able to make contact the day before from her office, thanks to her husband's 4x4 and determination, to confirm she could wed the couple in Stirling instead.

Then came another rush to find a venue at extremely short notice, but no luck was to be had.

Fiona added: “There was talk of maybe going to the cattle market because the registrar's husband works there, but they couldn't let us in because of the insurance so it was looking like they were going to have to get married in the car park.

“The registrar suddenly said – how about the castle? If you are going to do it in a car park, let's do it at the castle.”

Angela's dress and accessories were all for an indoor ceremony that never went ahead so the duo had to improvise and get the best out of what they could find in less than a day.

But she had her white wedding after all with the best pal adding: “They were ecstatic. They really were over the moon.

“The misery of thinking that they weren't actually going to be able to do it after all the planning and desperately wanting it to happen – it was such a huge relief to find that they could actually get married, despite the weather, despite everything that seemed to be going against them.”