THE 16th century jail located within The Thistles in Stirling, The Bastion and Thieves’ Pot, has reopened following a number of improvements and restoration.

A free attraction, it is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5.30pm and until 8pm on a Thursday, Saturday between 9am-6pm and Sunday 10am-5pm.

The entrance can be found next to WHSmith and The Post Office, just inside the Port Street entrance to the shopping centre.

The Bastion was a 16th century defensive tower, originally guarding an angle of Stirling’s Town Wall, while The Thieves' Pot was a dank cell beneath The Bastion.

Now beautifully restored, the popular family and tourist attraction contains a display of the Bastion’s history as a key part of the Royal Burgh's defences

The significance of The Bastion and Thieves' Pot in the history of local crime and punishment is now detailed in great effect as part of the restoration which has been overseen by David Kinnaird, writer and performer of The Stirling GhostWalk and artistic director of the Stirling Old Town Jail.

The wall displays have been redesigned and updated, with text by David and graphics by Ziv Shanmugam.

A new audio commentary has also been added, mixed by Barry Frame of The Audio Clinic