MP STEPHEN Kerr went along to the hard-hitting Safe Drive Stay Alive presentation in Stirling.

S4 pupils from the Forth Valley area attended the road safety event at the Macrobert Arts Centre earlier this month.

Mr Kerr went along to the Thursday evening performance and said he was visibly moved by what he saw during the dramatic, step-by-step, coverage of a serious collision that had changed lives for ever.

He said: "All I would ask is that anyone from any of the organisations and local authorities involved that is considering whether funding should be made available for these events should attend and witness the impact it has on our young people before deciding.

"I am confident they will agree that it is vitally important to ensure all our young people see what the consequences are of poor driving.

"If it saves one life and one family from the devastating consequences then it is worth every penny."

The roashow is organised by volunteers and includes the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Police and NHS.

In order to put on the 11 shows, £24,000 is needed annually and the group behind it faced a struggle to secure funding last year.

During the shows, powerful contributions are made by the survivors and their family members who bring home the devastating impact that a thoughtless or reckless action can result in.