MEETING a filmmaker who brings adventures from extreme locations into cinemas and homes was a rare privilege for Bridge of Allan and Dunblane Rotary Club.

Last month, they invited Keith Partridge to gave an illustrated talk with guests and visitors arriving from other Rotary clubs.

Keith's career started at the BBC as a trainee, but he chose to go independent, selling his house and car to launch his new venture.

During his blossoming career he filmed at the summit of Mount Everest, in Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, inside a volcano in Indonesia and in the Artic.

He had been involved in some 60 productions, including Human Planet, Touching the Void and Beckoning Silence.

During his visit to the club, he showed off still images of the amazing locations he worked at.

Keith said his sense of anticipation when setting off on an expedition is like the expectations of a child entering a combined toy and sweetshop.

Of course, he recognises that in reality there are risks and uncertain outcomes, pushing one's personal capabilities.

Speaker's host Jim Gardner thanked the filmmaker for providing a vivid window into his life and for explaining the challenges involved in recording the amazing exploits.

Anyone interested in attending the club can visit or call 01786 822 751.

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