The National Lottery paid a visit to Bridge of Allan last week to give residents a taste of the millionaire lifestyle.

A troop of 10 butlers descended on the town on Thursday, August 3, to help locals celebrate luck. 

And the immaculately dressed group, kitted out in tailcoats with white gloves and silver serving trays, took to the streets handing out lucky sunflowers and money trees while giving residents a helping hand.

Businesses, including the Royal Hotel, Jam Jar, the Allanwater Café and Leeanne Kerr Hairdressing, benefitted from the action as the butlers treated customers by pampering them during their visit and paying for some lucky treats.

Commenting on the excitement of the day, Adrian Bechelli, owner of the Allanwater Café, said: “It isn’t every day that a stranger, let alone a butler, pays for your lunch or helps you out on the street, so to say that people were surprised is an understatement. The whole town was on a high and everyone definitely felt lucky.”