A MAN waved his willy around in a busy barber shop after being told he was too drunk to have a haircut.

Alan Clements and two workmates went into City Barbers in Stirling at 1.45pm after attending their works Christmas day out.

Clements, who was carrying a bottle of Buckfast and had been drinking since 7am, began to be disorderly after being told to take the Buckie outside.

Then the group were told that none of them were getting a haircut because they were so inebriated, Stirling Sheriff Court was told.

Clements, 39, told two of the barbers they were gay and invited one of them outside for a fight.

As a crowd gathered on the street, he began moving his arm up and down in front of him in a rude gesture, before charging back into the barbers' and dropping his breeks.

Prosecutor Adrian Fraser said: "He dropped his trousers, and also his underwear, fully exposing his flaccid penis to everybody in the barbers' shop, which was busy, with several customers, including children as young as eight.

"He then took hold of his penis and is described as 'waving it around', before pulling his trousers back up and leaving."

Witnesses on the street saw him emerging from the door, zipping up his jeans.

Police then arrived and after further disorder, and one of the officers had to draw his CS spray, but was unable to deploy it on Clements because he was too near another officer.

Mr Fraser said: "Mr Clements was then kneed in the ribs to assist in bringing him under control, and he was thereafter arrested and handcuffed."

Clements, a single father-of-one from Gartmorn Road in Sauchie, pleaded guilty to breach of the peace, and public indecency. The incident occurred on December 23 last year.

Clements' solicitor, Virgil Crawford, said: "He has very little recollection of the incident as he was incredibly drunk.

"He had been drinking since about 7am because he was on his works Christmas day out, which seems unusual to me.

"It would seem that the group decided to go for a haircut, and for understandable reasons they were asked to leave the premises."

The solicitor said that while Clements had "acted stupidly" by waving his manhood round the shop, it had been accepted by the Crown that it was not a sexual act.

Sheriff William Gilchrist ordered Clements to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work under a Community Payback Order, and in addition fined him £450.

He said: "The explanation for your behaviour is that you were so drunk that you did not know what you were doing, but what you did was outrageous."

Clements' workmate, Edward Peddie, 33, of Castle Street in Clackmannan, admitted causing a breach of the peace in the same incident, and behaving in a racially-aggravated manner by shouting "get off him, you Paki" to one of the police officers involved in Clements' arrest. He was also ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work, and fined £225.

A third workmate, Neil McEwan, 30, of Broomieknowe in Tullibody, admitted hindering the police while they were arresting Clements, and was fined £375.