A YOUNG MAN angrily grabbed his girlfriend by the throat for allowing a pet cat on their bed.

Fiscal depute Adrian Fraser told Alloa Sheriff Court that Christian Robson had been with the complainer for two years, however the relationship was described as "difficult at times" due to the accused's behaviour.

It was around 5am at an address in Sauchie's Craigview earlier this month when Robson complained about their cat being on the couple's bed.

The pet was eventually removed, but the accused's mood changed.

Robson initially seized his partner by the neck before throwing a set of keys at her, striking her on the head. The 22-year-old then took her glasses and launched them down the stairs, leaving her struggling to see. When the complainer tried to record the incident on her mobile phone, Robson then threw that down the stairs.

His girlfriend eventually made it to the front door and left screaming. When she got to the safety of her parents' house, she reported the assault to the police.

When interviewed, Robson explained that the argument kicked off because the cat was under the covers and he didn't want it "crawling over his back".

He stated that his partner was being "snippy", which made him angry.

The accused confessed to grabbing the complainer by the neck, but "only a wee bit".

He admitted throwing the keys, but believed they hit his partner on the shoulder and not the head, as well as chucking her glasses and phone.

Robson, of Blair Crescent in Auchterarder, also had scratches on his arm that occurred when his partner tried to leave the house but he "didn't want her to".

He told the police: "None of it should have happened. I'm 110 per cent apologetic."

On Thursday, the accused pleaded guilty to the assault on March 6 as well as breaking his bail conditions by writing an apology letter to the complainer the following day.

Sheriff David Mackie deferred sentence until April 20 for the completion of a Criminal Justice Social Work report.