A 55-YEAR-OLD DJ has claimed he wasn't in the country at the time of an alleged traffic offence.

Stephen McFarlane is accused of parking a motor van on double-yellow lines without permission in Alloa's Drysdale Street on April 16, 2016.

Last Wednesday at the town's Justice of the Peace Court, the accused lodged a special defence of alibi. McFarlane, who represented himself, asked for the charge to be dismissed after claiming he was in Wales on that date.

Justice Michael Bromby told the accused, of Grodwell Drive in Alva, that the case would have to be adjourned for the Crown to investigate.

McFarlane is also accused of writing and delivering a letter to Alloa Police Station on May 30 last year, allegedly explaining that the van was parked on the double-yellow lines because it had broken down. The charge claims that this was a lie and the accused was attempting to pervert the course of justice.

With McFarlane working in Spain until the end of September, Justice Bromby set a new trial date of October 11.