Last Wednesday, students at Queen Victoria School in Dunblane celebrated the outcome of their Beat Beethoven Fun Run, which took place at the end of June.

At the School Assembly, presentations were made to the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) and to Parkinson’s UK. Together, the students raised a remarkable £2,868 that was split equally between the two charities. This total represents an average of more than £10 per student.

Sarah Dannfald from CHAS, and Emma Hall from Parkinson’s UK expressed the thanks of their charities for the very generous donations made by the School. Each congratulated those who took part, and emphasised the importance of events such as this to enable the charities to continue their very important work.

The Fun Run was organized by the School Interactors (Junior members of Rotary, linked to the Bridge of Allan and Dunblane Rotary Club).

The challenge was to complete a 5K run (or 2.7K walk) in the time it takes to play Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony – about 35 minutes.

As a special attraction, students taking part were encouraged to wear fancy dress, which resulted in some amazingly imaginative outfits such as a quartet of mermaids; a snail running team; Stone, Scissors, Paper; a cow and a banana.

This was the second Beat Beethoven Fun Run at the school; it has now been established as a regular part of the school’s calendar for June.