The Sue Ryder Dunblane shop has decorated its window in support of the town's tennis star, Andy Murray, at this year's Wimbledon.

The window is adorned with knitted strawberries from a volunteer in Dunfermline, a signed Andy Murray poster, bottles of Robinson’s squash donated from the local Co-op, a teddy bear donated by the Wimbledon organisers, Wimbledon programmes and a Wimbledon bag donated by a loyal Sue Ryder customer.

All this along with a Murray-masked mannequin, of course.

Shop manager Bernie Gallafent said: “My staff and I are always so excited to do the window for Andy. We just really wanted to say good luck and that we at Sue Ryder are supporting you all the way – come on Andy.

“We have become pretty famous for celebrating Andy and that’s great. After all he’s a fantastic tennis player and a lovely man – we’re so proud.”

The Sue Ryder Dunblane shop is located in the centre of the High Street and sells clothing, bric-a-brac, and books, along with a range of new products.