Concerns were raised by Bannockburn locals after a footpath used by school children at a busy road was left overgrown.

The path in question was on New Road Bannockburn, just opposite the Masonic Hall. The over-growth was spilling out onto the path and as a result children walking to school were forced to walk dangerously close to the main road. The over-growth has now been cut back, allowing children to pass safely.

One of those concerned residents was John White, who got in touch with the Stirling News after his first complaint to Stirling Council was ignored.

He said: “A fortnight ago, just after the schools returned after the summer break, I advised the council of the danger faced by children going to school along the route from Hillpark.

“The footpath at the corner near to the Masonic Hall has nettles overgrowing the path so much so that in places half of the footpath is unpassable meaning that pedestrians and other users have to walk close to the road kerb.

“Being at a corner the road vehicles also veer near to the kerb making this a potential accident in waiting.”

Stirling Council have now responded to the issue and have improved the pathway.

A spokesperson said: “Following the reporting of concerns about over-growth in this area work was carried out to cut it back. We’re grateful for having this brought to our attention.”

Now the work has been completed, Mr White made the following statement: “Can I express my gratitude to Stirling Council having at last made the footpath and 'safer route to Bannockburn Primary School’ safer to walk on by removing the vastly overgrown nettles which have plagued the footpath.

“I have to ask though why it has taken so long, having myself made three phone calls regarding the safety of this area [and] at least two emails from one of the local elected members for Bannockburn.”