CALLS are being made to relocate CCTV cameras due to be decommissioned to the Borestone roundabout area, in a bid to help tackle anti-social behaviour.

SNP Councillor Steven Paterson, who represents the Stirling East ward bordering the Borestone roundabout, has spoken against plans to decommission 13 CCTV cameras across Stirling, as recommended in a report which was passed at the Public Safety Sub-Committee on Tuesday.

Councillor Paterson is supporting the repeated calls from locals in the vicinity of the Borestone roundabout, businesses and Broomridge Community Council, to have CCTV cameras installed at this location to assist the police in combating crime and anti-social behaviour.

He says he will push to have the 13 CCTV cameras relocated to 'more appropriate' locations rather than simply decommissioned.

Before the meeting, Councillor Paterson said: "I strongly support calls from locals in St. Ninians, businesses and Broomridge Community Council to have CCTV cameras installed at the Borestone roundabout to assist the police in combating crime and anti-social behaviour.

"After being told in the past that no additional CCTV cameras could be installed for budgetary reasons, I understood that the locations were to be reviewed and that consideration could be given to relocating cameras where a more appropriate site could be identified.

"However, the proposals before the Public Safety Sub-Committee are to decommission 13 CCTV cameras to save money, with no CCTV to be installed at the Borestone roundabout or anywhere else, despite the pressing need.

"This is wholly unacceptable. If some locations currently covered by CCTV have been shown not to offer value to the police, the cameras should be moved to locations - like the Borestone roundabout - where they can make a real difference and support the efforts of the police to combat crime and disorder." Chair of the Community Council, Ann Rogerson attended the Public Safety Sub-Committee on Tuesday and was pleased at the result. She said: "This was a very positive meeting as the group have agreed to look into relocation of some of the cameras. We were told that seven of the cameras were in very poor condition so have to be taken down, however we feel that there's no point having the remaining six go to waste when they could be helping out in the local community." In recent months there has been several reports of anti-social behaviour at the Borestone Roundabout area, close to the Mayfield shops. The community council chair feels CCTV may be one way to help prevent these problems in the future.

Ann added: "CCTV can be a deterrent and in some circumstances can pinpoint the police to a suspect. There's a long way to go still but from the point of view of the community council at least we are going forward." Stirling East Labour Councillor Danny Gibson said:"Since being elected last year I have made a number of representations seeking a CCTV camera at the Borestone roundabout and I will continue to advocate that. "I am not aware of anything similar having been suggested by Councillor Paterson in his six years in office, but if he does indeed support this then I fully welcome that. "As a member of the Public Safety Sub Committee I was pleased that every item at the meeting was agreed with unanimous cross party support. I welcome the fact that there will now be an opportunity to consider where those underused camera units could be relocated to in future to help improve public safety. "I specifically raised the Borestone location again during the meeting and highlighted the support of both the community council and the local police officers."