A MAN who admitted neglecting 57 dogs - keeping them in 'horrendous conditions' - while running an illegal puppy farm has been given a jail sentence.

Charles Swan, 67, formerly of Upper Right Princes Street, Stirling, was sentenced for eight months and banned from having any contact with animals for ten years following a Scottish SPCA investigation, at Falkirk Sheriff Court on Thursday (28 March).

At a previous appearance in court, Swan pled guilty to operating an unlicensed pet shop, failing to protect the welfare of his dogs and causing them unnecessary suffering by failing to provide veterinary treatment, offences under the Pet Animals Act (1951) and the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.

Scottish SPCA inspectors conducted a search under warrant of the farm where Swan ran his business on the outskirts of Airth, Falkirk, in August 2011. All 57 dogs and puppies were removed and the majority have since been rehomed to loving new families by the charity.

Inspector Leanne McPake said: "We are very pleased Swan has received a jail sentence as well as a ban on having contact with animals and owning pet shops.

"These dogs were kept purely for profit and were forced to live in horrendous conditions. There was faeces and urine everywhere, the dogs had inadequate bedding and there was no fresh water available.

"Many of the dogs had lice and were suffering from various skin conditions which Swan had failed to seek veterinary attention for.

"In particular, an adult female Rottweiler, who we named Lizzie, was found with a horrific head injury consistent with a dog fight. Both her ears were missing, leaving a large open wound which had been left untreated. It had become infected and was infested with maggots.

"This was one of the most harrowing cases we've ever dealt with and everyone involved was deeply affected by Lizzie's shocking injuries.

"Lizzie required lengthy treatment and rehabilitation in our care. However, sadly, she was also found to be suffering from a severe problem with her immune system, unrelated to her background. Despite extensive veterinary treatment, Lizzie lost her battle with the illness in September 2012.

"She came a very long way and despite the obvious trauma she had been caused, she was such a sweet natured girl. We're very glad we were able to find loving homes for the majority of the dogs we removed from Swan's care and that they are now living the happy lives they deserve."