STIRLING'S SNP councillors and MSP have teamed together to launch a campaign against the controversial Bedroom Tax proposal from the UK Government.

Under the proposals, those who are currently under-occupying their council or Social Sector House will risk up to 25 per cent of their Housing Benefit being cut unless they move to a smaller home.

MSP Bruce Crawford said: "Fundamentally, the Bedroom Tax is a direct attack on disabled and vulnerable Scots who will be forced out of their homes as the UK Government proceeds with their vicious welfare reforms.

"The DWP's concessions on the Housing Benefit show that the reforms are already falling apart, but many are still at risk of losing their homes due to an absurd policy." Councillor Alasdair MacPherson, the SNP group Housing spokesperson, added: "This despicable tax, which is being inflicted by millionaire Tory razor gangs who are going about attacking the poor and the most vulnerable in our communities. We cannot and will not stand back and do nothing about this.

"I hope that the petition we launched last week will gather enough signatures to convince the Tory/Labour coalition which now runs Stirling Council to adopt our policy which will protect social rented tenants from eviction as a direct consequence of this barbaric tax.

"I am delighted that the Stirling branches of UNITE and UNISON trade unions have been in contact confirming their opposition to the Bedroom Tax." The SNP group have also set up a website as part of a cross party campaign involving the Solidarity, Scottish Socialist Party and the Green Party. On the website people are able to sign their name to the petition against the Bedroom Tax.

However Stirling's Labour Party have criticised the SNP group for 'attacking' the efforts of the council in their trying to 'mitigate' the effects of the proposal.

Stirling Labour MP Anne McGuire said: "Labour has been fighting the bedroom tax since it first appeared in the Welfare Reform Bill nearly two years ago and recently launched our UK wide campaign focusing attention on the impact as the implementation date draws near ( "Given that in the UK parliament, the SNP supported the Labour position through those debates, and recently we supported them as they promoted a minority party debate on the issue, it is strange and disappointing to note that one of the local SNP councillors has decided to set up his campaign which appears more to do with attacking the efforts Stirling Council are making to mitigate the impact of this cruel benefit cut on local tenants." Councillor Violet Weir, Labour Housing spokesperson added: "Particularly in Stirling we know first hand the problems that were caused in the last few years by the previous minority SNP's failed 'non evictions policy' which even they themselves voted to abolish in the end. "Ultimately the people it was supposed to help were the ones worst affected by accruing increasing debts.

"Just a few weeks ago Linda Fabiani, an SNP MSP, said on this idea 'I'm actually not convinced by this proposal because I don't think it'll particularly help the people who have the problem. I also think it makes it very difficult for social landlords who have to pass on that cost to the remaining tenants.' "You just have to ask what on earth the Nationalists position really is on this subject? My view is that something as significant as a non evictions policy cannot just be left to any single local authority. It should be addressed at a Scotland wide level, however that would require clarity, leadership and funding from the Scottish Government."