RESIDENTS from Bridge of Allan Causewayhead, Cornton and students from Stirling University have united to form a campaign group against development on Airthrey Kerse.

As the deadline for objections to the Local Development Plan looms, campaigners are gearing for one last push to keep development of the land.

The renewed group took shape following a public meeting set up by Green Councillor Mark Ruskell on Monday evening, when a number of representatives met at the Allan Water Community Centre to discuss actively campaigning against the development which had initially received over 600 objections.

Despite thinking the war was over when the allocation of housing proposed by Graham's Dairy on Airthrey Green from the earlier draft was dropped at a special meeting of Stirling Council on September 26, the planning department still included a 'downgraded' proposal under a different section.

An 'indicative area for growth' was included in the plan from the Causewayhead side which means development could be possible from 2024 but only if a number of issues are resolved.

The original allocation was removed because of several flooding concerns by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) however if the developers can show they can overcome the flooding issue, then development will be considered.

There have been indications that Graham's will challenge the proposed plan in an attempt to force the Scottish Government's Planning Reporter to put their full allocation of housing back in for early development.

The proposed LDP is currently under consultation with representations open till December 10, after that date objections which cannot be resolved will go to the Reporter who can then make independent decisions to change the plan, adding or removing housing and other developments.

The controversial Kildean Link Road meanwhile remains in the City Transport Strategy with space allocated within the Local Development Plan for a route across Airthrey Kerse, a separate process to review transport strategies will happen after the Local Development Plan is finally agreed.

The meeting at the Allan Centre on Monday night went on to discuss the SEPA objection to the development, the potential for housing and alternative use of the soon to be vacant Cornton Vale Prison site.

Around 40 campaigners attended including Councillor Callum Campbell who has expressed concerns about housing on the Kerse.

Councillor Mark Ruskell said: "I'm delighted that so many people turned out to join forces against the twin threats of Graham's housing proposals and the Kildean Link Road. While the threat of housing was pushed back in the Local Development Plan the door is still ajar, especially if Graham's can present a fudged solution to flooding issues.

"Like flood water, greed will always look for a way round obstacles put in it's path, it's time for communities to shore up the defence against inappropriate development on the Kerse by putting in strong objections that remove all reference to development on the Kerse in the LDP." Duncan McDougal from the Save Bridge of Allan Campaign said: "It was a very positive meeting with contributions from all sides of the Kerse highlighting a range of concerns with a focus on flooding. The strong support from Causewayhead, Cornton and the University should scotch the theorists who think this is just a 'nimby' campaign from a few Bridge of Allan residents.

"It was made clear that the initial information coming forward that the people of Causewayhead were in favour of the development was wide off the mark. To reflect this we now have a joint Save Airthrey Kerse campaign and our web site will reflect this." Campaigners from the group felt that they were 'almost back at stage 1' and are encouraging people to make their voices heard by submitting any new objections to go to the Scottish Government reporter by the December 10 deadline.

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