STIRLING MP Anne McGuire has commended Cowie-based panelboard manufacturer Norbord for their steps in reducing carbon emissions.

Norbord workers recently welcomed Anne McGuire on a fact-finding tour where she met with the newly appointed General Manager Steve Carroll.

With an extensive career in the wood products industry, Steve graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Forest Engineering and Resource Management before moving to the UK.

Norbord - the UK's leading producer of engineered wood products, is continuing to lead the way in protecting the environment. Over the last few years, the company has invested �2.5million in new environmental protection measures, including a new biomass plant at its site in Cowie, taking its capital investment on environmental protection measures to over �31million since 2000.

Anne McGuire said: "Norbord is to be congratulated on the revolutionary steps it has taken to reduce carbon emissions.

"Its investment shows confidence in the industry's ability to contribute effectively to tackling the impact of climate change by recovering renewable energy from process residues which have no further use.

"The wood panelling industry continues to face challenging times ahead, however, it is encouraging that Norbord is making significant investments which will in turn help to strengthen the sector and more become more competitive in the global market." Karl Morris, European Managing Director of Norbord, said: "Always a proactive voice in support of our business, this meeting was an excellent opportunity to update Anne McGuire on the continuing issues we face with respect to the UK Government policy on renewable energy, and its negative impact on the panelboards industry.

"The government's renewables policy and subsidy regime is having a disproportionate effect on the Scottish manufacturing industry and could actually increase CO2 emissions - subsequently cancelling out any positive environmental benefits.

"Only when the wood has been used, re-used, recycled and is subsequently going to landfill, should the wood be used for energy generation." Steve Carroll, said: "It was our pleasure to welcome Anne McGuire to our Cowie plant. Anne has always taken such an interest in our work at Norbord and her continued support to the industry is much appreciated, particularly at a time when government subsidies are being used to distort the wood supply in the forest industry."