SPECIAL vaccination clinics have been set up at Stirling University after NINE cases of mumps were clinically diagnosed within the past three weeks.

Those affected are between the ages of l8 and 24 and are recovering at home.

Meanwhile students are being advised to check their vaccination records and as a precautionary measure, anyone who has not had two doses of the MMR vaccine will be offered a free jab.

Although mumps is usually a mild disease which causes gland swelling, especially in the face, it can trigger more serious problems in adults including complications leading to infertility. There is no specific treatment for mumps - most people get better within a few days.

NHS Forth Valley Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Dr Henry Prempeh said: "Mumps is an infectious disease that spreads easily amongst young adults. Over the past year the number of laboratory-confirmed cases across Scotland has increased by over 80%, and earlier this year there was an outbreak of mumps at another Scottish university. Students should check with their parents or their GP to find out if they have been vaccinated and if they haven't or are unsure about whether they had the two doses required for full protection , they should attend one of the special on-campus clinics or go to their GP for vaccination." The clinics are being arranged at three locations on campus, including the Airthrey Medical Practice and will begin today (Wednesday October 31st).