STIRLING Council have approved the proposed Local Development Plan following last night's meeting - spurting a war of words amongst elected members.

The plan, which will see 5,000 new homes build in Bannockburn was passed plan by 11 votes to 10 with one abstention.

There is now an eight week period for representations to be made on the plan which will be from October 15 to December 10, the Local Development Plan will be used as the future framework and guide for development of land in the area for the next 20 years.

If any objections to the Plan cannot be resolved, an Examination of the Local Development Plan may be necessary, likely to take place in 2013.

It is intended that the Stirling Local Development Plan will be legally adopted in May 2014.

Green Councillor Mark Ruskell voted against Stirling Council's draft Local Development Plan at the meeting last night after the plan failed to address a number of key green concerns.

Following SEPA's objection to the 800 house proposal by Graham's Dairies, the allocation for the development was removed from the plan, but a zone on the Causewayhead side still remains a possibility if developers can provide a technical solution to the flooding issue.

The LDP re-asserts the Stirling Council Local Transport Strategy and specifically references the Kildean-Uni link road in the plan.

After last night's vote Mark Ruskell said: "The plan continues to make progress, but while I welcome the removal of the Airthrey development, there remains a risk that a revised proposal comes forward on the Causewayhead side of the Kerse - despite the objections of SEPA to development across the whole area. Communities need to be vigilant to continued threats and the new plan also protects a corridor for the Kildean-Uni link road, which if developed would be disastrous, generating traffic growth and destroying the very green belt the community has fought so hard to successfully protect." In the debate, Ruskell also raised the positive potential for housing development on the soon to be vacant Cornton Vale prison site while welcoming the potential for Durieshill to be a new 'eco-town'.

He added: "I'm disappointed that the plan fails to recognise that the Cornton Vale prison site could be an empty wasteland by 2014 with no proposal for re-use such as housing. If the area is being sterilised to accommodate the Kildean-Uni Link road then we need to know now, but there are far better uses for the site. Durieshill offers an exciting opportunity to design a 21st Century sustainable community from scratch, built around the needs of people rather than traffic with good safe spaces for recreation, housing, retail and work all within a walkable distance, if designed properly it could be a model eco-town." The Proposed Local Development Plan follows on from the Draft Proposed Plan, which was produced and consulted upon last October. The main changes to the Plan relate to housing and employment site allocations and include: - The deletion of Airthrey Kerse as a residential housing site to determine whether SEPA's concerns over flooding can be resolved - The deletion of Kildean as a housing allocation site because it is considered to be disconnected from the residential areas of Stirling and the site is more appropriate for business use; - A reduction in the size of the employment land allocation at Durieshill from 10.8 to 5 hectares to more relate to the scale of the development.

Stirling Council Portfolio Holder with responsibility for Policy and Performance Councillor Johanna Boyd said: "The Local Development Plan represents a snap shot in time of the council's vision for the future use of land in Stirling and surrounding areas. The outcome of the plan is the result of extensive research and consultation, a colossal piece of work involving both councillors and officers.

"It is worth underlining that the LDP is not a fixed or static document. It must remain up to date, relevant and responsive to changing circumstances and will be reviewed in 5 years time." The plan includes a raft of policies designed to ensure development is managed. These policies will guide the Planning Panel and officers in future decisions as to what developments should look like.

Many of the councillors took to Twitter after the meeting, here is what a few of them have been saying: SNP councillor Alasdair MacPherson (Stirling East): "5,000 houses imposed on Bannockburn ward by Labour/Tory coalition on Stirling Council. Battle lines drawn." SNP councillor Graham Houston (Bridge of Allan and Dunblane): "13 site and 5 policy changes to LDP introduced at last minute. No consultation from Tory/Lab coalition and then they expect support." Tory councillor Callum Campbell (Bridge of Allan and Dunblane): "LDP approved by Stirling Council. A thorough process which allows for growth, affordable homes, employment, and protection of green belt." Labour councillor Danny Gibson (Stirling East): "What a cheek of Stirling SNP opposing over 5000 homes in LDP when THEY themselves PROPOSED them 11 months ago!"