Provost Mike Robbins will welcome the Can-Am Pipes and Drums to Stirling on Saturday 4 August during their 2012 Diamond Jubilee Tour of Scotland - and he hopes local people and visitors will come and enjoy the spectacle as the band plays and parades through the city.

Provost Robbins will greet the band members on Stirling Castle Esplanade at 10am where they will play for half and hour before they parade down through the city and out to the Council's Viewforth Headquarters for a civic reception hosted by the Provost.

Provost Robbins said: "I'm really looking forward to welcoming the Can-Am Pipes and Drums to our beautiful city during their Diamond Jubilee tour of Scotland. I'm sure our citizens and visitors will give them a warm reception as they entertain everyone en route through the city." The 42 pipes, 15 drums, Drum Major and colour party will march down through the Top of the Town area from 10.30am taking the following route; from Castle Wynd, along Broad Street, Bow Street, Baker Street, King Street and into Port Street where they will stop to play for approximately 20 minutes for the crowd at 10.45am before marching on to St. Ninians Road and then finishing at Viewforth.

The band, which was formed in 2009, is based in Bowmanville Ontario but is joined by members from other provinces in Canada and the United States.

During this year's Diamond Jubilee tour the band will be joined by members from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, the Yukon as well as American members from Florida, Oregon, N.Y. Washington, and Texas. Plans are well underway for their 2014 tour, the highlight being the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and The Gathering event.

For 2014 the Can-Am band will be larger and a truly all America's band with members registered from both North and South America. Stirling will play a central role in both this year's and the 2014 tour.

Can-Am Pipes & Drums Don Piper John O'Hara said: "To visit Stirling and its castle is to walk in the footsteps of some of Scotland's most famous and infamous people. Stirling Castle with its strategic location has seen the pages of Scotland's history unfold and to paraphrase a saying whoever holds Stirling Castle controls Scotland. Any visitor to Scotland cannot consider his or her visit complete unless they visit this ancient Royal Burgh and its magnificent castle."