A JUDO fighter honing his craft in the Wee County has signed a new partnership with an Alloa based business.

Cailin Calder, current Senior British Champion in the -100kg category, has linked up with Bespoke Resourcing Solutions (BRS) who are sponsoring the talented youngster in his bid for further sporting success.

The partnership has allowed Cailin to give up his job as a retail assistant to focus all his time into training.

Darren Perrie, managing director of BRS, approached Cailin in January after observing him during their time training at the same dojo, the Judo Club Espirit in Alloa.

Cailin said: "I am grateful to Darren and BRS for giving me their backing. I was delighted when he approached me – it was like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

"The sponsorship has had a huge impact on my life.

"With their financial support I am able to focus on my training and dedicate my life to judo without distraction which will give me a better chance of competing and succeeding at the highest level."

Darren is equally as thrilled with the new partnership.

He added: "I took up judo when I was 40 and have grown to know Cailin's family over the last few years and I consider Cailin a friend.

"Judo is a tough sport and takes a lot of drive to do well and Cailin has the right attributes for success to get great success at the top level.

Cailin, 22, is being coached by his brother Reece and his father Lee, a Judo Scotland Talent Development Support Coach, and is also coaching part time at his dad's dojo.

The Swiss Open was lined up as Cailin's next tournament however it has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus.

However, he is now focusing the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, with the next Olympics in Paris a future goal.