A WEE COUNTY primary school has received an impressive report from Education Scotland.

An inspection at Strathdevon Primary School and Nursery Class lead to praise for headteacher Veronica Cully and her leadership, as well as the children's progress and achievements in literacy and numeracy.

The team visited the school and talked to parents, carers, partners and children.

They also observed lessons and engaged throughout the inspection with the headteacher, depute headteacher and all staff.

Of the four quality indicators for the school, three were rated very good and one was rated good.

The nursery class was rated as two very good and two good.

Lorraine Sanda, chief education officer, said: "We are delighted with this very positive inspection report which demonstrates the high level of commitment from the headteacher and all staff."

Specifically, the school was highly praised for the strategic leadership of the headteacher in developing a positive ethos of achievement and the headteacher's successful focus on building relationships and pride in the school.

The quality of shared leadership at all levels in the school and nursery class was also praised, as was the teamwork of the primary staff and nursery practitioners.

The timely interventions that support individuals and groups of children well and lead to children's social, emotional and learning needs being met effectively.

Another area highly praised was the highly effective data gathering and analysis systems which inform teachers' planning, tracking and monitoring of children's learning, with clear assessment processes that are built into learning activities that teachers plan for children in the primary stages.

Two areas for development were identified and discussed with the headteacher and staff, including continuing to improve consistency in high quality learning and teaching across the primary classes.

Continuing to strengthen approaches for planning, tracking and monitoring children's learning to ensure they are making progress over time was discussed in regards to the nursery class.