CLUB 1872 have seen a strong membership surge after striking a deal to become the largest shareholders at Ibrox. 

The fan organisation have agreed to purchase the major shareholding held by Dave King as he prepares to hand over his 20.37 per cent stake in RIFC plc. 

Club 1872 will pay £13million over the next three years as they urge supporters to play their part in safeguarding the future of Rangers

More than 700 new legacy members have now joined Club 1872 since Wednesday morning as supporters stump up a one-off fee of £500 or pay their fees in monthly instalments. 

Club 1872 are seeking to treble their 7,000 membership base in order to complete the deal that will give fans a key role at Ibrox. 

A statement read: “When we say this is a once in generation chance, we mean it. This opportunity has only arisen due to the relationship that Club 1872 has built with Dave King over several years. 

“He is making good on his promise to ensure that supporters will always retain a meaningful voice in our club and can ensure that the events of 2012 never happen again. He is also giving a huge, personal vote of confidence to Club 1872 as the vehicle to achieve that.

"If we do not take this chance now then it will most likely never come around again. 

“If we don’t do this then who will? Make joining Club 1872 your legacy to your children, your grandchildren and your football club.

“It has been a long term goal of Club 1872 to reach 25% ownership of RIFC and this share purchase will make that goal achievable. A 25% shareholding means an effective veto over any major decision about your club. 

“With Club 1872 holding a 25% shareholding, no board or shareholder will ever be able to make major decisions about Rangers again without the agreement of Rangers supporters – placing Rangers safe in the hands of our supporters for generations to come.”