CALLS to sack a Stirling councillor have been renewed after comments made by his party's leader were branded hypocritical.

SNP Councillor Susan McGill says political opponent and controversial Scottish Conservative representative Cllr Alastair Majury should be sacked after MSP Ruth Davidson spoke out over the Westminster sex scandal.

Allegations concerning politicians in cases of sexual harassment and assault arose a few weeks ago with Ms Davidson going on air with BBC Radio 4 to warn the “dam has broken” on the issue.

She added “boys' own locker room culture” has got to stop, but came under fire as she had previously readmitted the Tory councillor earlier this year – after his comments from dating website, in which he boasted about his manhood, came to light.

Elected representative Majury claimed he is around 7inches in size with a “medium to thick girth”.

The comment added: “I can’t believe that most women would be satisfied with less than 5inches (or even less than 6?), other than in ‘other ways’.”

In another entry from around two years ago, he asked the female members of the site: “I’ll throw some Qs out there.

“I understand that the average is supposed to be a little over 5inches or in 4-6inches range, do you think that is correct?

"Are most men really packing less than 6??! And is 4 inches really long enough to satisfy any woman never [mind] ‘size queens’?”

When the comments were made public following this year's local government elections, the Scottish Conservatives confirmed he was suspended alongside colleague Cllr Robert Davies over his controversial remarks on social media.

Despite Majury, 35, quickly finding himself in hot water, he was allowed back after a reprimand from the party.

Cllr Alistair Berrill, leader of the group at Stirling Council at the time, told Stirling News back in May: “Alastair's comments are unacceptable, he's had a reprimand from the party, he is not resigning and he has not resigned.”

Cllr Susan McGill said: “Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment of Ruth Davidson’s comments, it is sheer hypocrisy that they come from a party leader who readmitted a Tory councillor who had made such sick and disgusting comments about women on a fetish website.

“Women across the globe are finding the strength to speak out about sexual harassment they have experienced - this is an incredibly liberating time and one that gives us as a society a huge opportunity to call time on a culture of abuse.

“However, for Ruth Davidson to use what’s happening as an opportunity to make headlines for herself is beyond the pale after letting Cllr Majury back into her party.

“The SNP Group on Stirling Council have always been clear on this: Cllrs Majury and Davies are unfit to serve in public office and should not be on Stirling Council.

“At the very least, Tory Group leader Neil Benny must do the responsible thing and sack Councillor Majury from the Tory Group for good - it is an affront to the people who cast their votes for his party in good faith during this year’s council election to feebly stand by and do nothing.”

Stirling News contacted the Scottish Conservative Party to offer an opportunity for a reply, but repeated calls were ignored.