A TALENTED group of Beaconhurst pupils have been busy rehearsing a production of Shakespeare’s popular comedy `12th Night’.

The students will perform a 30-minute abridged version of the play later this month as part of the annual Shakespeare Schools Festival.

They will be on stage at Falkirk Town Hall on the evening of Wednesday November 15 alongside three other local schools.

Each group of pupils will perform a 30-minute version of a Shakespeare play as part of the drama festival which sees thousands of children from schools across the UK taking part in productions of the bard’s work.

There are 18 Beaconhurst pupils in the `12th Night’ cast alongside 10 musicians with two students working behind the scenes as stage managers and one as a choreographer.

They include brothers Timothy and Nicholas Hadland who play the Captain and Duke Orsino respectively.

Beaconhurst’s Expressive Arts Director Alison Marshall is delighted with the cast’s work and looking forward to seeing the production come together on stage.

She said: “Rehearsals are going well and we’ve got live jazz music and some great comedy sequences in the show.

“We’re delighted to have had so many pupils, from Transition to S6, volunteer to take part in the production and they are all very much looking forward to performing the play.

“Our production is a 1920s-themed version of `12th Night’ with a twist which I’m sure the audience will enjoy.”

The yearly festival is organised by the Shakespeare Schools Foundation who held a workshop to help Beaconhurst pupils rehearse for their production earlier this month.

The cast are now getting ready for a dress rehearsal on Tuesday November 14 before performing in Falkirk the following evening.