HUNDREDS lined up along the railway lines to catch a glimpse of the iconic Flying Scotsman last weekend.

The historic engine steamed through Stirling and Clacks as it circled central Scotland before returning to Edinburgh Waverley.

Train enthusiasts were out in force, filming on their mobile phones, with photographers vying for prime locations to snap some wonderful images of the locomotive.

Jason Curl, Mike Dow, Robert Thomson, Alan Paterson and Bill McKenzie were all on hand to capture the rare sight.

Indeed, it is only the second time that the Flying Scotsman has been north of the border since its multi-million pound restoration was completed last year.

Nevertheless, its draw among British trainspotters is unrivalled, with the engine topping a poll of the world's best-known trains.

On Sunday, it travelled out from Edinburgh Waverley, before crossing the Forth Railway Bridge and circling Fife.

After that, the famous steamer proceeded through Clacks, passing Longannet and Clackmannan, before hitting Stirling and turning back at Falkirk to return to the capital.

Claire Newton, from the tour operators Steam Dreams, said: "For many people this is the trip of a lifetime and some have been on waiting lists for this trip since February 2016."

The Flying Scotsman holds the official record as being the first steam engine to travel at 100mph, back in November 1934.

It previously toured the US and Australia – becoming the first locomotive to more or less sail around the world.

The engine was eventually sold and a few years later restored, hitting the rails for its inaugural run in 2016 as a working museum exhibit.