A MOTORIST who drove at speeds of around 120mph on the M9 has been convicted of dangerous driving.

Wajhaht Akhtar, 22, tendered a plea of guilty to the charge at Stirling Sheriff Court today.

He was banned from the roads for 21 months and ordered to pay a fine of £2700.

Akhtar was spotted by traffic police travelling northbound on the M9, near to Stirling, on Saturday, August 27, last year.

He was clocked at speeds of up to 120mph while undertaking numerous cars before being signalled to stop.

Speaking after the sentence was imposed, Inspector Andrew Thomson of Forth Valley’s road policing unit said: “Akhtar demonstrated an utter disregard for his own safety and that of other road users.

“There is no doubt that inappropriate speed is one of the most serious road safety problems on Scotland's roads, and causes death and injury to many people each year.

“Police Scotland continues to operate a robust policy in respect of drivers exceeding the speed limit or driving at an inappropriate speed."

Anyone wishing to find out more on driver safety can visit scotland.police.uk