STIRLING MP Steven Paterson has responded to the Prime Minister’s announcement earlier today of a snap UK General Election.

Commenting, Mr Paterson said: “A General Election presents people in Stirling and across Scotland with a straight choice between the Tory pursuit of a hard Brexit and an increasingly isolationist UK, and the SNP’s outward-looking vision for Scotland - one that protects our national interests in economic strength, social justice, and cooperation with our international neighbours.

“For the past year, the Tory UK Government has refused to listen to the clear voice of a majority of Scots who voted overwhelmingly to Remain in the European Union almost a year ago. This is despite a compromised proposal for protecting Scotland’s access to the Single Market being put forward by the Scottish Government at the end of last year.

“Whilst the Tories see this as an opportunity to swing the UK further to the right with deeper cuts to our public services, this is an opportunity for Scotland make our voice heard - we need representatives who will stand up for our nation, not back down when faced with the reality of Theresa May’s Hard Brexit.”