LOCAL care worker Brian Stretton has won an I Care award following his exceptional assistance to a client living with down’s syndrome.

The care support worker from national home care provider, Carewatch Forth, was rewarded with ‘Care Worker of the Quarter’ up against competition from 5,000 others.

For several months, Brian supported a 17-year-old boy, who was displaying acute behavioural issues, a lack of social interaction and personal care.

His commitment to helping the teenager improve his behaviour and learning difficulties proved successful.

He showed a huge transition by interacting with his friends, maintaining personal care and getting more involved with his educational programme.

The young man is now a confident and happier person as a result of Brian’s care provision and he’s even moved out of the family home to lead a more independent lifestyle.

Brian, says: "I feel extremely proud to have made a positive impact in his life. Each day I witnessed a massive improvement in his character and demeanour.

"Having the passion and determination to better someone’s life is why I love working at Carewatch."

Diane Hearns, registered care manager at Carewatch Forth, said: "The foster parents of the young boy are very grateful for Brian’s input as their son has been given a new lease of life.

"Brian gives equal care and attention to each person in a professional manner and make’s everyone feel special.

"He’s a wonderful person to have on the team and we’re incredibly thrilled with his achievements."